- Suganya Sundaram / 02-Feb-2019


Mr. Narendra started his journey 25 years ago. A Certified Financial Planner, he also has certifications from IRDA, AMFI and the Insurance Institute of India among others. He has dedicated his career to training and advising people on inculcating Saving Habits, Financial Planning, Financial Discipline and Investment Planning. He has rendered services to more than 200 companies and more than 10,000 employees and professionals.

In 2010, Mr. Narendra founded Wealth Junction Consultants Pvt. Ltd. to provide financial training, planning and advice. Using extensive knowledge, years of experience and data collected over time, advanced algorithms and formulae were developed, which he could analyse and showcase a person’s entire financial journey, including their post retirement plans. But there was a challenge; all of this data had to be manually collected and input. This was a laborious and time consuming process.

Enter Mr. Sunder Perumal. An entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Sunder Perumal has an intense passion that lies in creation and development. Both Mr. Narendra and Mr. Sunder Perumal realized that by joining hands, they could bring solutions to everyone’s financial stability. They decided to harness the power of the internet to make these cutting-edge Financial Planning tools available to the masses.

They went and made Financial Planning DIGITAL!


A One-Stop Online Solution to all your wealth planning and investing decisions!

Our mission is to simplify everyone’s Financial Planning and investments, using technology. Advanced algorithms, implemented within the platform are now able to provide accurate analyses in minutes. A process which used to take weeks

You can stop worrying about the usual and biased relationship managers who complicate the entire process with jargon and hidden charges and myriad opinions. MyWealthJunction will change the way you look at Financial Planning. MyWealthJunction will align your finances to gain maximum returns.

They provide all the below tools under one roof :

My Financial Planning Tool:
       • Robo Advisory Financial Planning tool for all our customers.

My Mutual Fund Direct Plan:
       • The Mutual Fund direct plans will help you create better wealth in the long term.

My Tax Filing Services:(Partnered with H&R Block)
       • Do hassle-free e-filing of your tax return in easy steps.

My eWill Services: (Partnered with Willjini)
       • Make your legal Will online in simple steps without any lawyer. Free & Easy.

My Document Locker:
       • Securely save copies of all your important documents at one place in digital format

MyWealthJunction will bring a CHANGE! A change that would ease you of your mental stress, let you achieve your goals smoothly and handhold you through every aspect of your life.

“Jackpot in life doesn’t have to be by luck, WE make your luck happen!”